Sunday, November 10, 2013

The one with your 11 Month Birthday!

I cant believe you are 11 months the time has just flown by!

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

The one with your buddies birthday party (Nov 9)

Today was Darius' birthday party, we decided to get dressed up and you looked really spiffy xxx

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

The one with your buddy (Nov 8th)

Today we headed out to get you measured and weighed and then Darius came round for a play date. then you had lunch together and Erin and i managed to get some lunch too!!

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

The one with the Mall (Nov 7)

Today we headed to the mall with Erin and Darius, and you proceeded to eat most of Darius' lunch, oh well guess you are feeling better!!  You also had your first papa time at the library with Daddy, which i think you both enjoyed!

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

The one with the chill out day (Nov 6)

Today you were much better but also slept a LOT so we just chilled out and did some shopping on 130th

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

The one with Hand Foot and Mouth (Nov 5)

Remember remember the 5th of November, well that will be easy you seemed better today but had a rash so i took you to the Dr and its hand foot and mouth :(

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

The one with the fever (Nov 4)

Today you were grumpy and had a fever, to be honest you werent that bad but since you are normally so good its hard when you are grumpy.  You still love your books though, thats not my hamster is one of your favorites!

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

The one with the Christmas photo shoot (Nov 3)

Today you were still a little snotty we tried to get some Christmas photos for our Christmas cards and you were fairly co-operative!  we didn't make it to church because i was SICK

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

The one with the last mother goose (Nov 2nd)

Today we had our last mother goose class and i KNOW you are going to miss it, we will try and sign up again next term!

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

Friday, November 1, 2013

The one with the nap time!

Today we headed up to Shannon's to drop of baby Kyle's presents and then we came home, had lunch you loved the butternut risotto then we took some photos in the afternoon since you wouldn't nap!!

Nap Time ...

1/30 - today I'm thankful for my son, my miracle the love of my life

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

The one with the huge catch up!

Tuesday October 15th

Today we spent the day with Granny and Grandad, we went to H2O and you were trying to climb out of the boat which made my life difficult!  Then we headed to Montanans for dinner and you got chicken which you scoffed down, kids eat free, need to remember that!!

Wednesday October 16th

Today we had your swimming and then in the afternoon we just chilled out with Granny and Grandpa, we did a little shopping, you seem to have fun with Grandpa showing him all your toys!

Thursday October 17th

Today we went to the last Baby Bookworms class, Granny and Grandpa came with us which was a good job since i put my back out and struggled to carry you, thankfully they were able to do all the action songs with you!!!  We enjoyed the series of classes but its just not as good as mother goose and Anita just wasnt as great as Jennifer and Amy!

Friday October 18th

Today we took Grandpa to Baby Sign Class, I think he enjoyed it then we trapsed around the shops to get the pipe to make my background frame!

Saturday October 19th

Today I had the dentist first thing int he morning then we went to Mother Goose, then in the afternoon we took granny and grandpa to Chinook to have a look around!

Sunday October 20th

Today we took granny and grandpa out to Banff for a look around, we took some photos and just chilled out, mammy was knitting a hat in the car and getting some strange looks from other cars and buses!

I just loved this photo of you on your tippy toes watching the bath fill up at bath time!

Monday October 21st

Today we didnt have anything on so we headed to Target and then down to Costco, Granny and Grandpa couldnt find the car they wanted to buy you for Christmas but they did get you this huge moose for your birthday, since you are still so young they let you play with him for a bit and you loved him!!!

Tuesday October 22

Today we skipped H2O because you were a little sniffly and if you were climbing out of the boat last week i had no hope this week.  We headed up to 130th to go shopping and Granny and Grandpa got you a heap of birthday and Christmas presents!  we had to try some of them out when we got home so Granny and Grandpa could see you!!

Wednesday October 23rd

Today we went to swimming and you spent half the time waving to granny and grandpa!

Thursday October 24th

Today we headed over to Play a latte with our mommy group and Darius decided to take his first steps Erin and i were so excited!!! hopefully you will want to catch up with him!!!

Friday October 25th

Today we had our last baby sign sing and sign, so we had the little graduation, Granny came with us and seemed to enjoy the class!

Saturday October 26th

Today we went to mother goose, then to Earls for Lunch then at night we had to go to the airport to say goodbye to Granny and Grandpa.  Before they left Granny and I got your Christmas hat done :)

Sunday October 27th

Today we had a snow day and stayed at home!  we did manage to get some pictures of Noah to try out the frame my dad built.

Monday October 28th

Today was our first free day so we just went shopping and chilled out at home, daddy was reading you books at night which you love!!

Tuesday October 29th

Today was Hamish's Birthday we went into work to meet with Terrence and the ladies made a fuss of you as always!!

Wednesday October 30th

Today we went shopping to get all the Halloween party stuff, you were pretty tired afterwards.  We did get a Christmas outfit for Hamish ... not sure he was too amused though!

Thursday October 31st

It was your Halloween party today and i have to say the babies looked SUPER cute!!!!  We had a blast!  At night we went trick or treating to Next door, Tara and Danielle and stopped Kurt in the street :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

The one with the great breakfast

Today we had a full breakfast and it was so good, daddy surprised me with blueberry tea yummy.

then we headed to the mall to get phone cases we are hoping they will be in tomorrow.

I love you today and always, mammy xxx