Friday, September 27, 2013

The one with the Daddy lunch date

Today we had sign class and most of the class was off sick so we just had a review week.  Then we took the train down town to meet Dada.  i tired to get a photo of the two of you in the mall but you just kept staring at him.

Then we hit up walmart before coming home for a nap, i decided to get some shots of the three of us at dinner time but you werent the most cooperative!!  but Dada did manage to get a picture of the two of us!

We decided to try and help you wtih your walking so you were using your hippo walker to go from me to Dada across the room, you were loving it and i love to see you walk!

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

The one with Baby Bookworms :)

Today we had baby bookworms at the library so i decided to geek you out for the photo of the day!!  Then in the afternoon we went for a walk with Erin and Darius to chapters to pick up the books we ordered.  You love my purse and chewing it but i really dont think its the most hygienic thing for you!  you do love to sit in the boot whilst i get the buggy in there and get organised to go into the house!

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The one with the hammer

You love your hammer and banging things you are for sure a boys boy!

today we had swimming and you had fun with Evan but you were a little off so we left early.

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The one with ginger coconut chicken

Today we missed H2O you slept until 10am - HUH???? that was awesome, then we had breakfast got shopping then lunch then it was time to pick up daddy from work, he was finishing early to go to the dentist.

we spoke to the dentist and we were told we dont need to take you in until you are 2 or 3.

we should however be using a smear of toothpaste when we brush your teeth.

Then ginger coconut chicken for dinner you seemed to like it but werent sure ...

you were also clapping a lot that must be a good sign right??

I love you today and always, Mammy xxx

Monday, September 23, 2013

The one with Butterfield Acres

Today we headed up to Butterfield Acres with Monday Mamas, only Myla, Darius and Arden made it :)

You had a blast and loved all the animals and the tractor ride.  

You and Darius passed out on the way home you were so cute!!

then we made some muffins for dada and went for a walk when he got home.

I love you today and always, Mammy xxx

The one with the day at home

Today we just chilled out at home and played with the stacking cups, hours of fun for you!!

i love you today and always mammy xxx

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The one with the creative cropping

Today we went to the library for mother goose to teach daddy all the songs ;)  actually truth be told he remembers them better than i do!!

then we went Mall walking, this was daddys first real experience of Mall walking and i dont think he was too impressed with it.

It was also bath night and we finally got a photo of your crazy bath hair!!

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

The one with the Fibre

Today we headed out to sign class which you had fun at you love the songs that we do.

Then we headed to walmart, i didnt notice but you were turning round in your seat eating the box of your new toy, all i can guess is that you need more fibre in your diet!!

Then Nikki said Evan wasnt coming so we went home and chilled out and took Ham bones out for a walk.

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The one with Darius

Today we had baby book worms in the morning, we arrived at the library too early so we had to chill out in the car park, then we had cottage cheese and peach for lunch followed by a walk with Erin and Darius!

i tried to get a photo of you and hamish but he just walked away and you started climbing, one day ill get a photo of the two of you one day!!

english muffin and fake cheese for breakfast

Daddys happy camper

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

The one with your favourite Texan ;)

Today to try and get you to eat breakfast we had french toast english muffins.  Then we ripped up magazines, then you CRASHED!!

Then swimming class and walmart you didnt sleep and you were grumpy i was worried about Andy coming round!

Andy came round for dinner tonight it was great to see him and you got some cuddles which was nice and you were in a good mood!  Thank you!

I love you today and always, Mammy xxx

The one with the car service

Today we headed to H2O, Evan missed it so it was just us getting our butts kicked, then we headed up to Target to do some shopping and then we went to get the car serviced, they promise it in 30 minutes but piff it took an hour and they didnt wash the car, was NOT impressed, you did really well until the last 10 minutes, you love the rocking horse.

You have been funny with eating recently, you had a muffin for breakfast because you would NOT eat your oatmeal, then you climbed onto the sofa and onto dad and tried to steal his tuna melt so thats what you got for dinner!

Love you today and always, mammy xxx

The one with the Book Party

Today we went for a walk up to Chapters to order your books then we headed over to Mylas house for the Osborne book party, you decided to play in the dogs water bowl so we came home without trousers on!!  although it totally didnt seem to bother you!!

I love you today and always mammy xxx

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The one with the last hike of the season!

Today we got up and headed out to Grassie lakes

we always take the harder route up because its prettier then the easy route down, this is the view from half way up the harder route

You were determined not to look at the camera but i finally got this shot ...

We gave you lunch at the top and you started to get ansy which is why i got this photo, no idea what this face is about!

Another example of you not looking

The water is so clear and has the perfect reflections

so happy to be sitting on the rock on your own

I love you today and always, mamma xxx

The one with the RFC fun day

We had a really busy day today, we went for breakfast and you ate a ton of food, a slice of toast, some watermelon, some banana and some Mellon.

Then we went shopping to get daddy some new work clothes but couldnt find anything

we went to Mother Goose with Miss Jennifer and Miss Amy daddy and you loved it.

then we headed up to the RFC Fun day and met up with Karla and Myla we went to the petting zoo you seemed to love the piggies

then Chinook on the way home to get daddy clothes and we were successful this time!

These photos really show that i need a new i phone because my camera is a mess :(

love you today and always Mammy xxx

Friday, September 13, 2013

The one with the Friday the 13th

Today was Friday the 13th and i was kinda dreading it!

We headed out to Baby Sing and Sign and had a great time, you spent the time ignoring me and playing with the toys!

Then we got the shopping, had lunch and had a nap, i didnt get round to making the muffins i had planned to make for you :(

You spent a while playing your favourite game, get a ball in each hand throw them and chase them then throw them and chase them, i think thats why you napped for two hours you were tired :)

I love you today and always, Mammy xxx

The one with the first Baby Bookworms

Today we had our first baby bookworms, all the other babies are older than you and were all sitting nicely on the parent/grandparents knee, but no you were going everywhere speaking to everyone, stealing sippy cups and grabbing toes!!

Then we came home for lunch with Shannon, Trina, Ros and Kenzie.

After dinner daddy had a physio apt so we walked around the Elgin pond, we had some time to waste so we decided to go to the park and play on the swings, you really seemed to like them :)

I love you today and always, Mammy xxx