Monday, October 14, 2013

The one with the great breakfast

Today we had a full breakfast and it was so good, daddy surprised me with blueberry tea yummy.

then we headed to the mall to get phone cases we are hoping they will be in tomorrow.

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

The one with the Thanksgiving Dinner

Today we headed out to church and i actually put you into the day care eeek i was worried the whole way through the service but you were fine, Jasdeep took care of you!!!

Then we had thanksgiving dinner and we took some photos.

Im so so very thankful for you you are my miracle i love you!

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The one with the haircut

Today mammy went to get her haircut and you had a visit with Laura.

Then we headed up to mother goose and then Earls for lunch where you got to try burger and pumpkin pie!!!

Then home for the day to play with Dada!!

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

The one with Daddys Day Off

Today daddy had the day off, so we both took you to baby sign class, then we went and got you weighed and measured.  Then up to the vets we were meant to go to Nandos for lunch but it was closed so we went to the Vietnamese instead and saw one of the girls from our prenatal class with her baby which was nice, then Walmart where we got you the Joker and Batman, who you LOVE then home to chill and let you play with your two new friends!!

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

The one where you turn 10 months

I don't quite now how it happened so quickly but your 10 months, your in double digits!

You are 74cm long, weigh 19.4lbs, you are cruising along sofa surfing, pulling yourself up on everything, you climb like there's no tomorrow, your favorite thing is to get onto the sofa, but you have also climbed onto the coffee table and the ottoman.  You are showing more and more personality by the day, you are fun and loving and the perfect little boy, also stubborn!

Today we took your monthly pictures, went to baby book worms, then the mall for tea and to post our letters to Diana, then to play-a-latte to meet up with the other mums from our group.

I loved having lunch at the mall, you tried my spaghetti and seemed to like it and you tried to see just how many stars you could get into your mouth at once!!

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The one with the Daddy Playtime :)

Today we went swimming and thats pretty much it!

Then you had some daddy play time when he got home from work which you always love!

I love you today and always mammy xxx

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The one with the blurry Photo

Today we went to aqua aerobics and it was HARD then we came home you napped and i managed to get lunch :)

I sorted out your wardrobe and put away everything thats too small or thats getting too small and brought in all the 18m stuff ... sigh ... your getting so big.

I realised i had no photos of you so i took this one quickly and its totally blurry but at least its a photo of the two of us, love you x

I love you today and always, Mammy xxx

The one with the job role (7th)

Today we went mall walking and managed to do 7km :)  we went into my work to find out what my role will be going back and then went to see the ladies who as always made a big deal of you!

I love this onesie, its the first 18m one that you have worn, gasp!

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The one with the Shark!

Today we went to Church and you were so tired you had a major fit :(

then dim sum for lunch where you loved the buns!

then home for the day :)

not sure where daddy found hammys halloween costume from last year but apparently you quite liked it :)

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The one with the Pumpkins

Today we went to go to the pumpkin festival but it was SO BUSY we just went and got our own pumpkins for photos!!!

Then mamma had girls night and you and daddy stayed home but came in to visit with everyone since they were all your co-workers!

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

The one with Peek-a-boo

Wheres Noah? ... There he is

Today you were sniffly and snotty and coughing so we decided to give class a miss, we just chilled out at home instead.  We played a LOT of peek-a-boo and it was pretty exciting that you picked up the blanket and started to do it yourself!!!

We spoke with Great Granny Bain today and she didnt look so good she is in hospital.

your wore your first 18m onesie today oyi your growing too quickly for this mamma xxx

I love you today and always, Mammy xxxx

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The one with the Canucks season opener!

Today we headed into my work to sort out some stuff about going back.

Cant believe i wont get to spend my days with you :( makes me so sad :(

then we headed out to the Corn Maze with Holly and Arden we had so much fun, you slept through most of it but Arden got so excited with the animals!!!

Tonight is the canucks opening game so you and dadda got out your canucks tops to cheer them on!!

You are by FAR the cutest canuck!

I love you today and always, Mamma xxx

The one with the Swimming Class

Today we had your swimming and you did really really well, when we were doing our glides into the water you would splash your hands and dolphin kick your legs :) you made me so proud.

I tried to get a photo of you and ham today ... this was the best i could get ... at least Ham is looking at the camera!

I love you today and always, mamma xxx

The one with H2O (Oct 1)

Today we just chilled out and went to H2O then we went to walmart to pick up the little mermaid, which we still haven't had a chance to watch!

You love playing with Scout i just with he got you to sleep :)

I love you today and always, Mamma xxx

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The one at Play-a-latte (30th)

THis morning we walked to safeway to get our dinner and made up to 100km for this month so we hit target, but the weather is getting so cold i dont think we will make 100km again this year

then we came home had lunch picked up Darius and were off to Play-a-latte for our mommy group date

we got our books which were awesome, when we got home you were a little hyper and climbing on the sofa ... nothing new there then!

then you crashed and had a nap

The one with Nicole (29th)

Today we let you brush your own teeth, all 4 and 2 halves :)  you seemed quite happy

then we headed out to church were i was conned into volunteering at the nursery, but with cute babies like you in there how could i say no

then off to get some fall photos of you but there weren't that many leaves on the ground so we will have to try again this week or next weekend.

then over to Nicole's for lunch she adores you so its fun to see you together but her floor was a little slippy

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

The one with the firemans hat (28th)

Today we went to Mother Goose then Famosa for lunch then just chilled out all afternoon :)

we were in shoppers and there was a firemans hat but you werent too impressed with it Uncle Alan will NOT be happy!!

I love you today and always, mammy xxx