Saturday, October 12, 2013

The one where you turn 10 months

I don't quite now how it happened so quickly but your 10 months, your in double digits!

You are 74cm long, weigh 19.4lbs, you are cruising along sofa surfing, pulling yourself up on everything, you climb like there's no tomorrow, your favorite thing is to get onto the sofa, but you have also climbed onto the coffee table and the ottoman.  You are showing more and more personality by the day, you are fun and loving and the perfect little boy, also stubborn!

Today we took your monthly pictures, went to baby book worms, then the mall for tea and to post our letters to Diana, then to play-a-latte to meet up with the other mums from our group.

I loved having lunch at the mall, you tried my spaghetti and seemed to like it and you tried to see just how many stars you could get into your mouth at once!!

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

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