Monday, August 12, 2013

The one where you turned 8 Months

8 Months im really not sure how the time has gone past so quickly, its crazy seeing Drew next door, its so hard to believe you were ever that tiny and you were even smaller than him.

Your monthly photos are all but impossible for one person there are more and more outtakes with each month that goes by.  

So here you are at 8 months ...

At 8 months you ...

are 73.5cm tall
and weigh 18.76lbs

went to your first stampede
were visited by Aunty Beth
went to the dinosaur museum for the first time
went to heritage park for the first time
went to feeding twice a day
went to feeding three times a day
went up a level on your baby walker
went up a level on your jumparoo
started to comando crawl on July 16th
did your first hike up Grassie Lakes
pulled yourself from sitting to standing against the sofa August 1st
waved at a boy in Montanas whilst we were having dinner (Aug 1st)
started to feed yourself stars
graduated baby sign class
started baby in my backyard and you and Darius were all over the place
are sleeping 9.5-11 hours a night (although naps have been iffy this month)

We still call you Noah Pie, Munchkin, Bug, Bugaboo, Monster

I love you today and always, mammy xxx

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